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Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections

haiologoHealthcare-Associated Infections Foundation
Deborah Yokoe, MD, MPH
Hospital Epidemiologist

Background: Impact of HAIs
• 5-10% of hospitalized patients develop a HAI
-99,000 deaths per year
-$20 billion per year1
• Risks of serious HAI complications are highest for patients requiring intensive care.
-Sicker patient population
-More complex procedures and equipment
-Increasing antimicrobial resistance

Community-associated vs. Healthcareassociated infections
• Community-associated = exposure and onset in community
• Healthcare-associated = exposure and onset in a healthcare setting

Colonized vs. infected
• People who carry bacteria without evidence of infection (e.g., fever) are colonized
• If an infection develops, it is often associated with bacteria that patients are colonized with
• Bacteria that colonize patients can be transmitted from one patient to another by
the hands of healthcare workers
~ Bacteria can be transmitted even if the patient is not infected ~

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